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Welcome to the Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection Districts

The objectives of the Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection Districts are to foster the exchange of ideas and information among and between Alliance members; to encourage and promote the advancement of common interests of fire protection districts; to develop a regional resource bank of information; to present educational programs, seminars and materials particularly aimed at the specialized needs of northern Illinois fire protection districts; to develop and encourage cooperation among fire protection districts; to provide a vehicle and forum for the unified expression of opinions and positions by members upon political, economic or social matters or events of concern to the members of the NIAFPD.

The NIAFPD was established in order to:
•    Educate its members and the public regarding the functions and responsibilities of fire protection districts as prescribed by law.
•    Ensure adequate resources to fund local fire protection, prevention, rescue, and emergency medical programs.
•    Monitor and impact legislation affecting the operation and effectiveness of the services they provide the residents of the district, including all pertinent state mandates which affect fire protection districts.

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