Legislative Summit

    2014 Legislative Initiatives  
IFCA Bedford Park FD Reduce mandatory retirement age from 62 to 55 UNANAMOUS SUPPORT
  Homer Township  Ambulance Licenses WORK OUT WITH SOS
IFA IFA Amend SB3287 – tort immunity for training NOT SUPPORTED
IFIA IFIA CE for Fire Inspectors – 30 hours over three years – lose certification – OSFM Rules MOVE THROUGH OSFM
IFIA IFIA Certification of companies who clean hood and ducts.  A fee structure will be instituted to cover the cost of the program. UNANAMOUS SUPPORT
MABAS MABAS Re-introduce HB5441 – change fee to $3.00 UNANAMOUS SUPPORT
IFCA Tri-State FPD Promotion of Deputy Chief REMOVE
IAFPD   HB4742 – HB2289 Reduce both initial and CE hours for pension board members. UNANAMOUS SUPPORT
IAFPD   Felony/misdemeanors dis-qualifiers – consistency between the Acts UNANAMOUS SUPPORT
IAFPD   Disconnection of contiguous district to better define “serious injury”.  Low petition signature requirements. UNANAMOUS SUPPORT
IAFPD   Include IAFPD OMA Training as approved training under to Open Meetings Act list of training UNANAMOUS SUPPORT
IAFPD   Budget ordinance publication requirements UNANAMOUS SUPPORT
IAFPD   PTELL remove pension liability, tort liability, and risk management program UNANAMOUS SUPPORT
IAFPD   Raise Rescue Tax to .10% maximum rate UNANAMOUS SUPPORT
NIAFPD   All fire fighters not under a local collective bargaining unit contract, must pass a alcohol test when reporting to duty and is going to drive PARK FOR RESEARCH
NIAFPD   Pay personnel for going to a initial & CE training for Pension Boards REMOVE
MABAS/IFCA Spring Grove FD Use of a loaner ambulance – meet with Secretary State WORK OUT WITH SOS
Rep. Moffit   Loan for fire station rehab. UNANAMOUS SUPPORT
Fire Works   Oppose legalization of fireworks UNANAMOUS SUPPORT