Message from the President - Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection District


Letter from the President 

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! 

On the Legislative Front

  • I’d like to personally thank Lobbyist Charles Vaughn for the many years of service representing the NIAFPD in Springfield. 

  • I hope you will be attending our upcoming conference where you can meet our new Lobbyist Liz Brown-Reeves.  The NIAFPD has contracted with Liz effective January 1, 2015.  You can look forward to receiving reports through email.

  • Together with the IAFPD and the IFCA plans are being made for our annual Legislative Day in Springfield mid to late March.  Information will be forthcoming shortly.

As we begin 2015 I’d like to extend an invitation to our membership to submit ideas on how the NIAFPD can better service you and your district.  Do you have suggestions for educational topics?  Do you have suggestions for the NIAFPD website?  Please contact Executive Director Kathy Haage with your thoughts.

During our annual conference our Membership Meeting will be held on Saturday February 7, 2015.  At this meeting our elections of Board of Directors will take place.  If you have any interest in serving on the Board please contact me.

Bill Hoffmeister
President, Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection Districts